Masks of Something


Jumping ahead to the most recent session.

After killing the cleric of the plaguelord and saving Charilus’s niece we were hailed as heroes. We recovered the sage’s books Charilus sent us to find and began our trip to return the books to the mage. Along the way we were halted by a group of soldiers attempting to steal our mask. We gave them a sound thrashing.

Upon presenting Charilus the books for his research we were dismissed to the inn to enjoy ourselves and make merry on his coin. We were summoned upon completion of his research and were informed that he was moving his base of operations to Landover. After suffering the indignity of being his movers and setting up in Landover we were ordered to secure passage on a ship to journey to the village of Lands Edge to begin our search for the next mask.

The night before we embarked on our voyage the priest Omaar found an invitation had been deposited in his pocket to discuss potential future employment opportunities. Upon arriving at the designated location we met a half elven agent of the Duke who is also searching for these masks. We learned that he had been behind the soldiers sent after us on a couple of occasions. The agent also informed us that the first mask stolen from us was not his doing. We politely refused his offer and surprisingly no blood was shed.

We arrived in Lands Edge to find it deserted. As we set about exploring we heard a commotion back at the docks. Returning we found sailors who had come ashore with us were missing and there was a foul slime trail leading into the water. Our attempts to find the monster were unsuccessful. We were then set upon by a band of stirges that were effortlessly dispatched by the good gnome and his advanced tortoise based weaponry.

It was decided that the manor house on the hill overlooking town was the logical place to begin our investigation. We were forced to slay a few mephits on our way up to the manor and entering the house we found the bodies of the town guard. This obviously encouraged us to explore further.



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