Masks of Something

Lands Edge Completed

We finished exploring the first floor much to the annoyance of the good gnome before moving upstairs. The owners of this manor obviously have far too many possessions for I have never beheld one residence with so many rooms devoted solely to storage. While exploring the second floor we found the owners room, in which was secreted his journal.

It was most fortunate that I was here and could make sense of it. The owner was a mage who had summoned a demon. Unfortunately he had made a simple mistake in his summoning circle that had incompletely bound the demon. The younger races are always in a rush, but you can hardly blame them when your lifespan is a paltry seventy years if you are lucky. Upon finding the summoning room the foul demon attempted to gain his freedom with lies and bribes. Instead I completed the circle fully binding the demon and ending his influence in this hamlet.

Upon further study of the journal we were able to obtain a clue to the location of a mask to aid us in our search. We contructed a raft to take us back to the ship and sailed off into the sunset to continue our quest for the masks.



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