Masks of Something

The Adventure Begins

Flavor text rules the day!

We don’t know how the adventurers came together, but they have.

We open on the party of adventurers coming upon the town of Landover where they are immediately approached by a dark-skinned man with greasy hair and mustache, named Omar. Omar presents them with an offer for caltrops with one missing point (Still 75% effective, my friends).

When no one bites on his special offer, he lures them in with a story of the hidden treasure of an expired silver merchant from the area, rumored to still be hidden in a cave a few hours outside of town. Small catch: there may be some type of monster guarding the cave, but nothing these brave adventurers can’t handle readily.

The adventurers arrive at the cave, and spend much time outside, wallowing in guano, trying to figure out how to get the monster out of the cave.

The beast is awakened by all the arguing outside its lair, and emerges ready to fight, revealing itself to be an older, worse-for-wear Manticore.

The party has no trouble facing the lame, sorry excuse for a monster, and slay it directly. They search the cave and quickly find the treasure they have worked so hard for.

  • 42 silver
  • Smashed China Plate (worthless)
  • Small laquered wooden box with a small silver hook and eye closure (5 gold for the box)

Upon opening the box, they find a simple, black domino mask, which is very flimsy looking, but undamaged. The barbarian priest immediately tried the mask on, and immediately felt some type of magical effect, but before they could do more than that, the manticore’s mate, a fully operational Chimera approached and was out to avenge its mate.

Things were looking bad for the party when suddenly, Deus ex Machina appeared to save them! In this case, Charilus shot down the Chimera with one Lightning bolt from his hands. He then demands that the party meet him back in town to discuss matters further. He then teleports back to town without offering to take the party with him (he’s grumpy).



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