Omaar Thickbush

Barbarian/Berserker priest


Barbarian/Berserker Priest of the proud Thickbush clan.

Male/ 6’8" tall

Armor: one chain mail banana hammock, helm (ac 4)
Canon: in order to use both arms at all times, his canon is tattooed to his chest. A simple creed and oath to his god of strength.

  • two handed bastard sword (2d8)
  • war hammer (1d4+1)
  • silver sword (1d8)
  • str 17
  • dex 9
  • con 13
  • int 10
  • wiz 17
  • cha 11

The Thickbush clan is a proud barbarian clan that focuses on physical strength. They specialist in fishing with their bare hands as the primary means to support their village and show their skill and strength.

Omaar Thickbush

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